ALL BLACK in Canterbury.

I adore Canterbury, it’s so prepossessing, ugh! If I was old and needed somewhere to chill, it would be in my top 100 for sure. Nah bmt it would lol.


Anyways, so on this trip I decided to wear an oversized mens Trapstar T-shirt just because it’s so comfy. My pleather skirt from zara which only cost £10!!!, Then I had to wear my go to, every day, ride or die leather mules from zara (like I mean it when I say EVERYDAY)!! Honestly, all my friends hate my mules, but guys omg, they are seriously so comfy and can make your outfit look so casual but yet classy.  Of course, I had to wear my YSL inspired sunglasses and my leather jacket, for warmth.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Although it’s nearly summer in 7 days. I always wear black, not sure if it’s a subconscious thing because at one point in my life I NEVER wore colour, because black makes you skinnier. UNSURE, but also it might be due to the fact I can be a lazy b.. Well basically, black makes you look super clean and presentable in my eyes but you know, who cares what you wear. (Remember never dress for anyone )

So, aside from the boring outfit convo, I went all over Canterbury yesterday, left the house at around 12 got there at 2 played with our mates and embarked on a cracking journey everywhere, firstly we had to stop of at Canterbury Castle to create some memories (A.K.A taking pictures), then hunger struck and Tesco’s awaited our arrival. In the evening we went to good ol’ BILLS, as a pescatarian, I enjoy bills. I reapplied the brain cells and devoured a cheeky aubergine and chickpea dhal, prior to this I had the BEST calamari ever (that messed with my brain cells), honestly I think Bills has the best calamari, (if im wrong message me the best calamari please).

Anyways, I rambling. I hope you guys liked my little blog post!


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T-Shirt – Trapstar

Skirt – Zara

Mules – Zara

Jacket – (similar) Zara

Sunglasses – (similar) Gloss The Label

Bag – (not so similar but it would look super cute) Zara

Thank you for having a little read.

JTA xoxo