First Blog Post



My name is extremely long and currently unnecessary at this point. However, you can call me Tayo.

Before, writing this I had a clear structure of how I wanted this BLOG?!? (so cringe) to be.
I know what my vision is, but I’m unsure how to execute it. If you meet me you know I’m extra and annoying. However, recently, well maybe I’d say for the last few years, I feel as though I haven’t been true to myself, whenever I see opportunities I shy away from them, thinking I’m never good enough.
And it makes me so angry that I could be so much better than what I am now. And I hope that through this lil journey of mine others can learn different things and I hope we can all become the best version of ourselves, together.

The life I would like to have requires a lot of work. I know how I want to be in the future but ofc unsure on how to get there. It’s like the world attracts you to so many things and you don’t realise these signs and I would love to share all the little things I’m learning daily.

So, what I’m trying to say is be diligent and don’t settle. Recently I’ve been settling for BS people and BS things that I don’t like, but if you don’t take control of your life you will not prosper. And all I want to do honey is make that shmoney and be the HAPPIEST ME POSSIBLE!!!!
This is going to be a journey for sure, even writing this and creating this page has made me feel so unsure about myself but I just know, I have a purpose, I crave helping others it’s what makes me feel happy. Humans were made to LOVE, but trust me you can not love others how you want to if you do not Love yourself. I want to empower both MEN and WOMEN, because we can all be great, no matter who you are.

I hope my blog can inspire everyone, and if anyone has any topics or anything they want me to review, discuss or try, I’m your girl. This space is going to include everything from what I like to eat to what me and friends do, and what clothes I’ve bought and my thoughts.

I don’t even know what I’ve written but I’m rambling basically, I LOVE THE WORLD and this lil bad b wants to get involved.
Remember :
‘’Everything always works in your favour, no matter what the mind tells you. What seems like setbacks are actually setups for growth & victory.’’


JTA xoxo